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Awesome Half Life short: Enter the Freeman

Fans of the Half Life Universe are in for a treat, as a new short film was launched yesterday on Youtube, showing some of the early stages of Black Mesa’s fallout. Scientist and all-round crowbar swinging badass, Gordon Freeman makes an appearance near the start, taking on the role of narrator – that’s right, Mr Freeman speaks.

The video’s description has a little bit of background information on its filming:

Finally see Gordon Freeman in the flesh in this cinematic horror
short based on the video game Half-Life. Yes there will be headcrabs…

Shot by fans over two nights in a cottage in the middle of Hollywood
for about $3000.

It all started with the comment “Hey you would make a great live action
Gordon Freeman, let’s make a fan film”. A year later we finally
got around to it.

Considering the low budget, this is incredibly well done, with a dark, brooding atmosphere and some great special effects.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvgEx1g9dW4′]

KitGuru Says: I won’t spoil any of it by describing what happens. Just watch it and afterwards, tell us if you’d like to see this as a full length feature? Do you think it’s sacrilegious to have Mr Freeman speak?

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