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BA to let you finish that movie during landing

Up until recently, if you were on a British Airways flight you'd have to wait until you were well in the air before switching on the in-flight entertainment. Now though, the firm has cleared its usage during take off and landings.

This has been in the works for some time, with BA pushing for its acceptance. Now though, its been given official approval from the Civil Aviation Authority. This should bode well for flyers that find the initial wait time on the runway boring and haven't had the good sense to bring their own entertainment.

“We know how much our customers enjoy our carefully selected in-flight entertainment so we're delighted that now they'll be able to pack even more of the programmes and films into their long-haul flights,” said Frank van der Post, director of brands and customer experience at BA, while speaking with TDMedia.

While not every flight will offer this facility immediately, they all will by May 2013. Unfortunately BA is still stating that personal electronics must be switched off during take off and landing and that only BA approved headsets can be worn.

Get these movies off my mother... oops wrong film.

KitGuru Says: How a headset could take down a plane is beyond me. But hey, this is a step in the right direction at least. We need constant entertainment dammit.

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