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Blockbuster will enter administration

As if anyone didn't see this coming. If GAME, HMV, Comet, Jessops and more could go under – the former admittedly only temporarily – then Blockbuster was surely not far behind. As parodied in the South Park episode A Nightmare on Facetime, nobody rents DVDs any more – at very least, not from a store.

There are already plans for over 150 stores to close in the next six months but this is just a fraction of the 528 outlets in the UK. They employ a total of 4,190 staff, who presumably won't be in work for much longer. At least they got to keep their jobs over Christmas… right?

Is this a ripped VHS case or a movie ticket stub?

An administrator is currently being sought according to MCV, though no word on who it will be as of yet. Hopefully it'll find a way to maintain at least a few of the stores open for a while, but it's difficult to see how.

KitGuru Says: Despite the sheer volume of DVDs and other media Blockbuster must have in stock, it can't be worth much. I traded in my collection the other day. 250 DVDs, £80 for the lot. Eurgh.

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