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Buccaneer 3D printer triples Kickstarter goal in hours

The Kickstarter campaign for the affordable, beginner’s 3D printer known as the Buccaneer, has tripled its goal in under 24 hours, having already managed to hit its $100,000 funding target in just ten minutes. How much is each of these little, fully constructed, 3D print stations? Just $387 (£254).

This is the big selling point of this Kickstarter campaign, as to date, 3D printers have mostly been over a thousand bucks for even basic quality systems. This one is still in the beginner range, but its quality isn’t horrific, with a 100-microns resolution (comparable to the $2,000+ Makerbot 2.0) and it uses bio-degradable plastic, as well as being food friendly. 

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nz2a_PdEgYg‘]

It’s not immediately clear what the pirate angle is all about, though it could be a clever bit of marketing on their behalf that’s designed to draw in those that see piracy as a fun internet community to be a part of? Perhaps it’s got something to do with forging ahead into the world of 3D printing without doing it through big companies? 

These guys are based in Singapore though, so I’m not 100 per cent sure the government will let me talk about it. Let’s see.

To learn more about the Buccaneer, here’s the Kickstarter page and here’s the official site.

KitGuru Says: I’m quite tempted by this, but I know getting it would just see me print a load of stuff in the short term and do nothing in the long. It would just be a hobby right now and I have enough of those already. Any of you think you might grab one though?

[Thanks TechCrunch]

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