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Colin Farrell thinks the Warcraft movie script is great

Colin Farrell and Warcraft aren't two name you'd juxtapose without a few drinks and some nerd speculation, but come together they may well do, as his rumoured involvement with the long delayed project just jumped up a notch, after he told IGN that not only had he read the script, but that he thought it was: “amazing.”

Unfortunately, he didn't go too much beyond that statement, suggesting that he didn't know what the current status of the movie was, but that the script was great. He did talk about the current director of the project though:

“Yeah, he’s cool. Duncan [Jones] was cool. I sat with Duncan for awhile and read the script, loved the script, and we was as cool as can be. I don’t know what’s happening with the film. I don’t know where they are in the process.”

Farrell went on to suggest that with Jones' previous experience working on projects like Moon, that with a bigger budget he'd be able to do so much more. However we have seen Jones do a little more with a bigger budget before, when he directed Source Code, which did very well critically and commercially.

Jones recently released some movie concept art. This is Draenor, home of the orcs.

A movie based in Azeroth of course would likely feature a much bigger budget but presumably some of that budget would need to go Farrell's way – though it's not like he'd need it. Farrell was recently ranked as the highest earning actor of 2013, thanks to his investments alongside his film career.

The Warcraft movie was originally talked about all the way back in 2006, but has been rehashed and thrown around so much at this point it's turned into the movie version of vapourware. Despite that though, there are people looking to really get behind the project at this point, with a projected early filming schedule of January 2014 and a potential release hinted at for December 2015.

The latest suggestion is that it will be based around the early meetings of humans and orcs and that it will show empathy for both sides. Jones has previously stated that he feels the movie will be a mix of Game of Thrones and Avatar. Lead characters will include heroes from the original game, Anduin Lothar and Durotan.

KitGuru Says: That sounds like the mixing of two very different styles of storytelling. Do you think Jones (and maybe Farrell) could pull it off? Who would you want to play an Orc? I vote Ron Perlman. 

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