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Couple creates streaming call show with PS4

In a move that even Sony didn't predict its PS4 would be used for, a couple has turned their PS4 into a talk show broadcast station. Thanks to a mix of the console's streaming features and its Playroom app, a couple has been running a streaming talk show for the last few hours, taking callers from its literally thousands of viewers.

Recording themselves via the PlayStation camera, the couple's broadcast is called the Spartan Mischa show and you can still watch it live (at the time of writing) by going here. There's a few thousand people watching and they're calling in, as well as commenting in the video's chat section.


Topics at the moment are pretty much focused around the PlayStation 4, as well as the way that the couple if using it to broadcast. Watching for more than a few minutes is great to see the pregnant co-host spend a fair amount of time swatting at the Whatley style robotic assistant that's floating around as part of the Playroom.

Interestingly when the hosts left the room for a minute, little Whatley-bot got all sad faced and started entertaining the crowd with faux games of pong on his face

Kitguru Says: This is pretty innovative and could spawn a whole new type of gaming show podcast/talk show through the PS4. Time will tell if it remains popular, but both members of this couple partnership have said they plan to do another show tomorrow, so we'll wait and see.

It's also worth noting that the PS4 they're using has been streaming for six hours plus with no problems.

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