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Dotcom’s Mega hires on ex NZ internet boss

Kim Dotcom’s team of staff at Mega just got a little more star studded with, the ex-head of InternetNZ, Vikram Kumar,  joining as its new chief executive. This will likely add an a new air of legitimacy to the site, though Kumar has been a vocal supporter of Dotcom’s efforts in the past too.

InternetNZ, where Kumar used to run, describes itself as a, “non-profit open membership organisation dedicated to protecting and promoting the Internet in New Zealand and fostering a coordinated, cooperative approach to its ongoing development.” Considering Dotcom has been a vocal proponent of an open internet, unimpinged by governments and other organisations, it sounds like him and Kumar may have found a bit of common ground that they can work together on furthering.

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“MEGA is delighted to welcome Vikram Kumar as its new CEO”, said interim-CEO Tony Lentino. “I have assisted MEGA since its inception, putting time and energy into finding investors, setting up support staff and general overview of the company in its initial stage. Now MEGA runs on a day-to-day routine, and I am pleased to hand the role of CEO to Vikram who is an experienced leader in the Internet industry.”

Another aim for InternetNZ was improving internet access for New Zealanders, something that is notoriously unreliable in that region of the world. Kumar may have seen Dotcom’s business as a better position to achieve those goals, since Dotcom has previously discussed resurrecting the scrapped Pacific Fibre project which would see high speed fibre broadband brought from the US all the way to NZ via a giant cable sytstem across the Pacific Ocean.

KitGuru Says:  Dotcom has put plenty of safeguards in place against him and his new site being targeted by media lobbyists, but one problem has persisted and that’s his past. With previous criminal convictions, Dotcom still doesn’t have the businesslike front end that can help companies which governments like to lean on. A more official face of the firm at CEO could really help there.

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