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GM at Zynga just walked out

Zynga’s general manager at the New York studio, has officially left the company in what has been described as a “mutual decision,” with Zynga’s current VP of mobile development, Sean Bueroi, taking over the studio until a replacement has been found.

Porter was initially picked up by Zynga as part of the acquisition of the Draw Something developer, OMGPOP, which ultimately became Zynga New York. It’s thought that since then, he and the studio have been working on Draw Something 2.


Porter tweeted this just a couple of days ago. So he wasn’t ready to bail then, surely?

As MCVUK points out however, Draw Something has never regained its peak popularity. While it was a huge hit for a short period of time, after Zynga bought it up, it fell off in a big way. Whether because the fad was over or because people were rebelling against Zynga – more likely a combination of the two – is unknown. Ultimately it led to Zynga dropping around $95 million (£63 million) in the $180 million deal.

It went so badly for Zynga, that it’s often blamed for the company’s poor financial position at the moment.

It is however, interesting that Zynga described the leaving as a mutual decision, considering just days ago Porter seemed quite happy with his current placement, tweeting images of himself in a Draw Something Tee shirt and noting how pleased he was that Zynga NY’s “What’s the Phrase” was the #1 iOS app.

KitGuru Says: Zynga is an odd company to figure out. Perhaps this guy was let go because he was finished on Guess the Phrase, or perhaps he just wanted out? Hopefully whatever the reason, it comes to light soon enough. 

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