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Hilco to slash 400 HMV jobs

Unfortunately we all saw this coming. While Hilco swooped in just over a week ago to save HMV from disappearing forever, it was very likely that the unprofitable locations would be shut down and this would inevitably lead to job losses. Now the announcement has been made: Hilco is dumping security guards, supervisors and some cashiers.

Hoping to save nearly £8 million on payroll, Hilco is removing security guard positions from all but the most “high risk,” outlets, while managers will be expected to fill in vacant cashier positions after the first round of job losses. Supervisors could also be cut back on according to a Times report, which suggests as much as a sixth of the entire work force (400 jobs) could be lost.

We saw a similar situation to this with GAME last year, when it was purchased by Comet owners OpCapita. While it's a shame for the staff that find themselves as part of the round of cuts, it does mean that the chain itself can live on.

I'd write some kind of Walking Dead tie in analogy about severing an infected limb so the body can survive, but that might seem insensitive to those getting fired.

KitGuru Says: Still, we all hate Carl right?

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