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Kickstarter campaigns more likely to succeed than Indiegogo

Indiegogo was the first crowd funding site I ever heard about it. It was for the Angry Video Game Nerd movie, which back then I kicked in about $20 for. That was the last time I looked in on Indiegogo though, despite having pledged to more than a few games and projects on Kickstarter – and it seems I wasn’t the only one.

According to a breakdown by Jonathan Lau and Edward Jonprung (via TechCrunch), Kickstarter has over double the campaigns that IndieGogo does – 110,000 vs 44,000. However, that number might be misleading, as despite no public data to suggest this, Lau believes that Indiegogo actually delists any campaigns that don’t reach at least $500 and fail, thereby skewing the numbers.

Which site do you guys use the most?

However, despite the campaign numbers being somewhat comparable, Kickstarter (KS) has raised much more money. In total KS has garnered some $612 million, whilst Indiegogo (IGG)  has only reached $98 million. As is pointed our by Mr Lau, this has been helped by the fact that KS has over 40 projects that broke a million dollars. In comparison, IGG has only had 3.

You also have an 10 per cent higher chance of success on KS than you do on IGG, though that gap widens a lot more if you factor in all the campaigns under $500 that IGG removed from its site.

KitGuru Says: Kickstarter is the most well known and recognised name in crowd funding, but it’s surprising to see how far ahead it is of its next best competitor. Perhaps the market for crowd funding is contracting or just wasn’t as big as people initially expected? What do you guys reckon?

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