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Kickstarter UK opens for business

The crowd funding website Kickstarter is now accepting UK based projects, which also means existing ones can convert their total into pounds for the first time. Until now, anyone wanting to create a project had to make a US account first, which meant dollar based funding – which leads to loss of funds in currency conversion.

Some of the successfully funded UK based campaigns on the site are still listed in dollars, since they completed before the British support was added. However there are already a couple of hundred pound funded campaigns available for people to ‘kick' their money into. These include a London based, mobile loose tea bar, a few albums and art books from photographers and musicians, some games and a couple of indi films too.

These are all par for the course for Kickstarter, but this is the first time that these projects have been able to identify themselves as British projects and appeal to those with pounds in their pockets instead of dollars.

Kickstarter Uk
Who wouldn't want a mobile tea truck?

This is just the first step however, on what a site spokesperson said would be a long road of world wide country support. “The request to expand internationally has long been one of our most requested features,” Yancy Strickler told the BBC.

“We certainly are interested. We're going to see how the UK launch goes and figure out the next moves from there. There's a lot of places that will be interesting.”

KitGuru Says: If you're helping fund something now, link it in our comments. Lets see what KG members are interested in seeing come to fruition.

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