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Mega update from Mega

Mega.co.nz has detailed a big update on its blog, describing fixes to security issues, added features and support for different browsers, as well as improvements to its API.

The update was announced by founder Kim Dotcom in his usual manner:

The blog post begins by announcing that two more bounties had been claimed by white hat “security researchers,” (read: hackers) who had found vulnerabilities in XSS. This apparently brings the total number of rewards to nine.

Mega has been up for a couple months now and it's still going strong

We’re told that links to folders can now be exported in the same manner as links to files and that some better Firefox support is just around the corner. “Coincidentally, one of the Mozilla Foundation’s ten offices worldwide is located right around the corner from us,” reads the post. “And we expect Firefox to soon join Chrome in being able to efficiently write local files from within JavaScript. As a temporary stop-gap solution, we have built a simple Firefox extension that does exactly that. It also maintains the path structure when downloading folders.”

Other updates include the fact that thumbnails can now be added to image collections and that an official SDK for the API is in the works. This, “will provide an abstraction layer between the application and the low-level MEGA API calls, simplifying app development, guaranteeing correct handling of all client-side cryptography and ensuring interoperability.”

It’s hoped by staff that the SDK will allow for bigger and better Mega apps to emerge from the dev. community.

KitGuru Says: Good to see Mega continuing to develop. The bounty idea clearly worked well and solved early security concerns.

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