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Movie director shows pirates his balls for an hour twenty

Something tells me the MPAA just found its new favourite spokesperson. Download Johan Kaos's (best name ever) movie “Pornopung” from the Pirate Bay and you'll be treated to ten minutes of his movie, followed by 80 minutes of him talking, while showing you his balls.

Changing up content and releasing it on torrent sites yourself, isn't a new tactic by any means. Game developers, musicians and movie producers have been messing with pirates for some time: whether it's Serious Sam 3 having an unkillable scorpion that chases you around, or Scroobius Pip posting a fake version of his album, berating you for not paying for it. While annoying to the average downloader, you're more likely to get a less negative reaction if you do it with a bit of a joke, rather than stapling crippling DRM over the non-pirated version. And nobody can argue that Kaos doesn't have a sense of humour.

Thumbs up guys, coin purse incoming

Despite his ‘tweaked' pirated version of the film though, Kaos claims to hold no grudge against pirates. Speaking with Aftenposten.no (via Torrentfreak) he said: “In no way do I bear any grudges against people who download my film. It’s just a compliment that people want to see it. I would obviously prefer it if they chose to see it in theatres, since for me as a director it has the most to do with the movie and the best movie experience,” he said.

It being a Norwegian film and one by an independent director, it's unlikely that thousands of  people will be caught out by this, but a few have, with humorous consequences. One person over at the Pirate Bay page suggests that you have 10 minutes of legitimate movie, then “blah blah piracy and then… purse… literally.” Purse being Norwegian slang, for balls.

That commenter does at least gives the director +1 points for creativity though, which I think we can all agree, he deserves.

KitGuru Says: I hope someone starts posting reaction videos of this. I'd love to see someone's face as they're just getting into a movie, to have it replaced by a Norwegian film director's nut sack. 

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