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New Portal fan-film lands

A new fan film called “Portal: Survive” and based in the Portal universe has been released, showing Chell as she attempts to escape incineration, as well as jumping back in time to the day that GLADOS became the deadly psychopath we all know and love her as.

“The engineers tried everything to make my behave,” she says, over a wonderfully tongue in cheek presentation about how much Black Mesa sucks and Aperture rules. At least she was kind enough to provide some pretty music to listen to while they died though.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0x2l0NgSvyM']

Along with Chell's break out attempt, which comes completed with some nicely crafted Portal effects, there's also some hints at Ratman's origin story, his hair alone giving us a hint of the depths of madness and depression he must have succumbed, while all alone in the duct work.

Ultimately the whole short film comes in at seven minutes long and cost only $500 to make. Props to AngryGodStudios for the excellent… props. The GLADOS one in particular is well done and though she's often hidden by flames and smoke, she comes off across as satisfyingly menacing.

Of course this isn't the only Portal related short film that's been released in the past couple of years. There was Portal: No Escape, Aperture Lab Ratt, Aperture: A Triumph of Science and more. If you like this, there's plenty to enjoy.

Kitguru Says: Very impressed with this one, especially considering the budget and the decent Portal effects. Do you guys have a favourite video game short? 

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