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Nintendo Power officially ends its run

While it's been known about for some time, today is the day when Nintendo Power finally shuts down for good. The gaming magazine that has run for almost 25 years has now come to an end.

Fortunately the editor and staff have one final hurrah for the long standing publication. The final December issue is still on track for release around the 11th of next month. However subscribers will receive an early copy, sometime towards the end of November.

Nintendo Power
I wonder if the AVGN will do a retrospective?

Anyone worried that their subscription extends beyond 2012 need not fret. You don't even need to get in touch with anyone. After the final issue has been sent out, those with long running subscriptions will receive a refund for any outstanding issues paid for. Apparently it'll take four to six weeks for them to arrive.

Some fans have expressed an interest in a digital only version of the magazine, suggesting that perhaps the publication could live on online or on Ereader devices. While I wouldn't hold out too much hope – Nintendo's original statement on the closure seemed pretty final – it's still a possibility.

KitGuru Says: If you were a fan of the mag and want to send some love to the writers, most can be found discussing the final issue on Phil Theobald's twitter.

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