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Now TV still hasn’t delivered its free Microsoft Points

Despite having promised to deliver as many as 2600 Microsoft Points to some customers if they signed up for a free trial of Now TV earlier this year, the Sky owned company still hasn’t supplied a large portion of them, despite it being several months overdue.

In January and February this year, Now TV, the non-Sky movie service from Sky, offered 800 Microsoft Points to anyone that signed up for a free trial of the service. On top of that, if they followed through and made the first monthly payment of £8.90, Now TV promised to award a further 1600 Microsoft Points. When that deal expired, throughout February a secondary offer was made, purporting to give 800 points for the first month and another 800 if the service remained for at least one more.

I thought the initial NowTV ads were misleading too

However, a lot of those that followed through with their Now TV subscription in order to get the free points, have yet to receive them, despite the 30 day waiting period have expired some time ago.

Eurogamer has a claim from user “dusty31” who’s still waiting for his after nearly a month beyond the original 30 days.  Posting on the NowTV forum he said: “This whole thing smacks of you dragging your feet so people give up or hang in and stay subscribing for fear of losing their points because they think if they unsubscribe the points wont be mailed. I’m very disappointed with the way that this has been handled.”

He goes as far as to claim that Now TV is using false advertising to rope in customers and threatened that if he didn’t receive his points within the next two weeks, he would be contacting trading standards.

The only response from Now TV was a community manager advising anyone affected send an email to NowTV explaining the problem.

KitGuru Says: In a funny turn of events, I actually complained to the Advertising Standards Agency about the initial Now TV ads, claiming that it was able to avoid delays for movie releases on Netflix and Lovefilm – but that’s only because Sky implements the delay by creating a movie monopoly. The ASA didn’t hold it up though. Ah well. 

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