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Rabbids Rayman spin-off getting own TV show

A television show based off of the Rayman spin off characters, Rabbids, is set to debut next month on American Television. Called, Rabbids Invasion, it's a cartoon series that will begin airing on Nickelodeon in the Saturday morning timeslot and the series is set to run for 26, 30 minute episodes.

Each of these half hour sessions, will be split up into three short stories about the Rabbids and their adventures. The first three will be Omelette Party, Rabbid Mollusk and Rabbid, Are You There?

The Ubisoft blog describes these episodes as containing mostly wacky hijinks, like: “Watch the Rabbids figure out where eggs come from and subsequently try to return them to their original homes (poor chickens). Laugh along as they launch an octopus at a window. Sigh fondly when they become fascinated by a burglar attempting to rob an apartment.”

Apparently in this episode, they try and stuff a chicken with its own eggs. The horror. 

It's not known at this time whether the show will be brought over to the UK, but it seems likely that if successful, it will begin airing on the international and subsidiary versions of Nickelodeon channels before the end of the year.

Ubisoft is also doing extra promotion through its website and an accompanying app, the former of which will have photos from the show and a Rabbids rhythm game, while the latter will feature an apparently comical, “Do Not Touch,” button.

Kitguru Says: It's been a long, long time since I played a Rayman game. Rayman 3 I think. That was before the Rabbids time. Are they something you guys enjoy, or is it a bit below your age group?

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