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The NSA might have bugged EU offices

The European parliament is not happy and understandably so. A new report has emerged, dating back from 2010, that suggests the NSA might have bugged the computer networks of EU offices in Washington and New York, citing the EU as a “target.” Martin Schulz, current head of the EU parliament, has called for “clarification.”

It wasn’t all just digital security that was breached however. In the EU diplomatic building in Washington DC, the report suggests physical bugs were also placed to track conversations held within the room.

Any chance I get to use this image, I do so. 

And it stretched overseas as well, with what Der Speigel describes as, “electronic eavesdropping,” taking place in Brussels. According to the report, five years ago, several suspicious calls were made to a maintenance system at the Justus Lipsius Building, which has been the headquarters of the Council of the Euopean Union since 1999. Those calls were eventually traced back to a portion of the NATO headquarters that is regularly used by NSA staff.

All of this news was brought to light be documents revealed last month by Edward Snowden, who is believed to be in the transit area of a Moscow airport while he attempts to secure asylum in another country – many have speculated Ecuador. While the United States is still hoping to bring him to trial, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, has backed the ex-NSA contractor and has suggested that whatever happens at this point, the documents Snowden secured, will be revealed to the world.

KitGuru Says: Well this story just got a whole lot more interesting/ugly. This could cause a bit of a nasty rift between the US and EU, a gap that already seemed to be widening before this came to light. 

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