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This man’s working lego car took 500,000 bricks

That’s a little bigger than the pirate kit I had as a kid and it’s certainly more than most people would ever play with, but the results of what one Australian and his Romanian pal have achieved with just some Lego is incredibly impressive.

The little yellow, kit-car looking machine is a fully functioning automobile, able to travel up to 12 mph, making use of four air-powered engines with a total of 256 pistons – all of it built from Lego bricks. The only thing that’s not is the wheels, because by virtue of being wheels, they needed to be round, something Lego bricks still have trouble with.


The project came from a crowd funding effort, making it a very contemporary project. It began with a tweet from Melbourne entrepreneur Steve Sammartino, who invited people to invest in the project he had created with Romanian teen Rual Oaida. Ultimately over 40 Australians kicked in money to the project, which quickly garnered the name, the “Super Awesome Micro project.”

All in all the car took 18 months to build and had to be created in Romania and shipped back to Australia and then partially reconstructed on arrival. However a few days ago it took it’s first trip through a small Australian suburb and it performed perfectly.

“We drove it in a suburb of Melbourne. The engine is fragile and the biggest fear was a giant Lego explosion impaling passers-by,” Mr Sammartino said while speaking with the BBC.

KitGuru Says: Impressive project, especially since this was real world lego and not some kind of minecraft build. 

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