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US attorney general claims Hollywood doesn’t pressure Washington

In a claim that will likely be laughed at by a good number of people, including internet mogul Kim Dotcom, Eric Holder, the US’ attorney general, has claimed that Hollywood has no influence on Washington politics, especially not in the copyright infringement case surrounding Megaupload.

When asked by Radio New Zealand if Dotcom’s claims of Hollywood higher ups leaning on government officials, Holder said simply that it it’s “not true,” and that the case, ” was brought on the basis of facts, on the basis of law, and it is consistent with the enforcement priorities that this administration has had.” He also went on to say that he sees no reason that Dotcom shouldn’t be extradited from his adopted home in New Zealand – where he is a resident – to stand trial in the US.

Eric Holder, he’s watching you. Sort of. 

Kim Dotcom was arrested on the 20th January 2012, one day before his birthday, during a raid by heavily armed special tactics police forces, his website, company and all its holdings as well as his personal assets were seized and he’s been fighting an extradition order from the US ever since. Since then it’s come to light his surveillance and arrest by local law enforcement was completely illegal. He also recently published a White Paper along with his legal teams to explain the entire situation and it doesn’t paint a flattering picture of the responsible authorities.

Dotcom also announced  a competition during Holder’s visit to New Zealand, promising $500 if anyone can get a video of the man while the Megaupload song is playing.

KitGuru Says: When we have stories of US trade officials arriving in countries where Pirate Bay founders are hiding out, or the BPI gaining huge influence in the UK, it’s hard to believe Holder that media groups don’t exert at least some measure of influence over national governments.

[Thanks Reuters]

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