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Misunderstanding – Virgin trains have cameras in the toilets

Update: We’ve now had a response from Virgin on this matter and it looks to have been a big misunderstanding. While the question asked was about train toilets, the Twitter responder took it to mean station toilets, hence the claim that they are nothing to worry about. Either way though, nobody need fret over Virgin toilet cams.

“We don’t have any CCTV in our toilets on trains,” said Virgin’s Glynn Mcdonald. “This has arisen from a genuine misunderstanding from a customer.”

He went on to clarify that while some stations do have some CCTV within the “toilet area,” which might involve the entrance ways and perhaps the sinks, that there are no cameras near any toilets – especially not on the trains themselves.

Original story: Virgin Trains has admitted in an off-handed manner via its Twitter, that it does have cameras in its toilets – don’t worry though, according to the social networker running the account at the time, “cameras are angled so they don’t see anything they’re not supposed to!”

This of course begged the question, what exactly are they supposed to see? Presumably this would mean they can only see things at head height, or perhaps the backs of those using the facilities?

Understandably, this riled up a few Twitter users keeping up with the conversation, prompting some to ask whether the cameras could catch underwear being pulled up. Or how it might affect disabled users who might not move in the standard manner of someone using the facilities.

Can you spot the camera?

Since Virgin has yet to make any more statements on the matter, it’s hard to answer any questions like – are the cameras on all the time? Is footage monitored by someone? Is it recorded? If so, how long is that footage stored for? How secure is it?

We’ve reached out to Virgin for a statement and will update this story when we hear back from them.

Kitguru Says: Seems like an unnecessary security feature. A camera outside the door would do surely?

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