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Who wants free comics?

While not every PC hardware fan is a nerd in every respect, I like to think there’s a lot of crossover – as I know there is for me. One other great traditional geek pastime is reading comics, so here’s a chance to try them out or get yourself a few freebies: Comixology is offering 700 Marvel comics for free download.

While there is a full rundown of what comics are available here, the traffic volume is making it pretty hard to access. Your best bet is to head to the iOS or Android stores and download the Comixology app – the promotion of which is likely the point of this giveaway – and you’ll not only be able to see which comics are available, but download them too.

Despite the lag problems, Comixology is keen to remind everyone that the comics will be available until 11pm EST on Tuesday, which works out to 4am GMT on Wednesday.

Fortunately for those not sure about bothering, Kotaku has a rundown of what’s up for grabs. There’s 22 first issues from the Marvel Now reboot, 46 issues from different Avengers prints, 11 from the Fantastic Four lineup, over 118 from the X-Men franchise and a lot more. 700 in total.

KitGuru Says: This makes me sad I’m not rocking a tablet – would be much better than reading this on my phone.

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