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Who’s excited for a sequel to Shaq-Fu?!

Alright guys, it looks like we might be finally get a sequel to Shaq Fu! Yea, right on… hurray… right?

While it isn't for certain yet, basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal's licensing company, Mine O' Mine, has recently registered four game-centric trademarks surrounding the Shaq-Fu brand. It also recently acquired the trademark for Shaqfighter near the start of May.

Of course ShaqFu has already been made into a game. Back in 1994, Shaq Fu was a poorly controlled, poorly written fighter game. AVGN famously smashed it as part of his Christmas Carol episodes.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7XIbwtMl4Y'] NSFW language, in-case you don't know. 

Now this might not mean that we're getting a sequel to the original, as these trademarks do cover the gamut of electronic properties, including: video game characters, software, electronic action games, playing cards and online games.

So it is a game… but it might just be a deck of cards with Shaq's face on it instead.

KitGuru Says: Let's have a full Shaq Fu sequel. Go on Shaq. Dump a few million into development and let's see what crap fest you can come up with.

[Thanks Joystiq]

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