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Youtube banned in Egypt

Youtube has been banned in Egypt for one month, as a protest for its streaming of what the ruling body describes as, “anti-muslim” film, “Innocence of Muslims.” This 14 minute trailer for a movie that has never seen the light of day, has drawn ire from much of the middle east, for portraying Muslims in a negative light.

The blocking of the entire site has led human rights campaigners to call this a regression in freedoms of expression in the country. Others, according to the Guardian, have suggested that many Egyptians will see this as an over the top reaction and could lead them to “lose respect for the rule of law.”

Egypt Youtube
How will we get Egyptian Gangnam Style to a billion views now?

Of course with a lot of experience getting around blocks here in Europe, it seems likely that many Egyptians that want to watch a quick cat video will be able to do so easily enough, as the process is a simple one. However it isn’t the only country that is currently dealing with a Youtube block thanks to the Innocence of Muslims trailer. Pakistan also has a block in place that was temporarily lifted in December, but quickly reinstated.

KitGuru Says: While I can see why some people may dislike the idea of the Innocence of Muslims trailer, it still seems ridiculous to condemn millions of other videos alongside it. It’s so, so poorly made. It would be the equivalent of getting offended by a recording of a children’s nativity play.

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