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Panasonic and Sony working on 300GB optical discs

The never ending search for greater storage is being met by Sony and Panasonic. They are joining forces to create a single optical disc with a capacity of 300GB, due for release by 2015. Both companies have plenty of experience creating optical disc technology and the plans are to release the new standard in both commercial and consumer markets.
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Not much is known about the technology at this stage however it is worth remembering that Sony did release a file based optical disc archive system in Q3 2012. The discs are still used by professionals who focus on high definition video material, which requires a lot of storage capacity, especially without compression algorithms in place. Panasonic released the LB-DM9 optical disc storage devices in July. This uses a specialised magazine that is just 20.8mm thick and can store 12 x 100GB discs.

Kitguru says: There is no doubt that a new high capacity optical standard will need to come into action soon so people can enjoy movies in 8k or higher resolutions!

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