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Portable briefcase that turns into mobile office

With the advancements in laptop and tablet technology it seems only logical that a designer would come up with a new briefcase design that would do more than just hold some paper, pens and literature. Scottish designer Tyrone Stoddart has designed a kit that transforms a briefcase into office furniture.

The BOXED kit contains a few pieces that can be assembled to make a height adjustable desk, two stools and a lamp. After you have used it, it can then be disassembled and packed away into a case for the next portable meeting. I guess in good weather you could take it out into the garden and work from a laptop there?

The kit is made from ash tree timber. Stoddart is also bundling a small packet of ash seeds with every Boxed Kit to try and raise awareness about Chalara, a disease which is killing ash trees. You can plant the seeds to help nature grow what was taken to build the kit.

It is not yet available for sale, but you can cast your vote if you are interested, over here on Quirky com. You can also visit Tyrone’s website here.

Kitguru says: Practical or not?

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