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Gorbold leaves Custom PC for Boston

James ‘Lizard’ Gorbold, the editor of Custom PC has left his role at Dennis Publishing in the heart of London and moved north to Boston, according to our sauces.

Originally part of the PC Pro team, Gorbold followed Gareth Ogden (now buccaneering with Corsair) across to tech porn title Custom PC and, more recently, was promoted to editor.

Custom PC has maintained a small, but loyal following since its launch, but one area in which it has excelled has been the high-end world of [email protected], where planet loving geeks across the globe use their space CPU cycles to help cure cancer and other ills. With Gorbold pushing hard, the Custom PC team has achieved quite a reputation in this field.

Moving across to Boston, with it’s high-end, hand-built server offerings isn’t, therefore, too much of a stretch.

While Boston’s registered address is Edgware High Street in North London, that’s just a throw back to the days when the lads traded Matrox/Supermicro/Quantum out of a warehouse on Mason’s Avenue. The company now has offices in Germany and India – as well as the main building near St Albans. It’s a wooded countryside area, useful if Gorbold decides to blow off steam by blowing out the barrels of his shotgun.

'Lizard' leaves London and heads for Boston. Well. Actually, St Albans - but who's counting

KitGuru says: While Gorbold might be sad to leave Dennis, he will probably find solace in the significantly larger numbers in his pay packet next month.

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