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PC World to open mega gaming hardware stores?

If you're lucky enough to live near one of the leading suppliers of cool hardware, like YOYOTech, Cryo, Kustom PC, Overclockers or Scan – then your world is a wonderful place and you can pop in to see the object(s) of your desire.

For many enthusiasts, however, purchasing hardware involves the ‘hit and hope' of placing an online order and waiting by the front door for delivery. Looks like that might be changing.

Even with a global slump and huge drop in the value of local spending on technology, the Dixons Group of Stores is still trading at phenomenal levels.

While PC World may have started out as a joke, it has been helped by a number of factors:-

  • Its stores are open 7 days a week
  • We have all been trained to expect little/no expertise from the staff, so we're not disappointed when they can't help
  • Systems have become better – with improved operating systems and drivers
  • The mass market tends to buy mobile devices, designed to be far more ‘consumer-proof than ever

The recent annoucement by KitGuru, that the UK consumer desktop market slumped 38% in the first 3 months of this year – looks to have stimulated the Dixons Stores Group into action.

What is the end-product of that action?

BLACK: A new kind of PC mega store – focused entirely on high-end products, gamers and enthusiasts.

Pilot stores should have been completely re-fitted and open for hardcore gamer business – starting June 2011. The company apparently tried to sell high-end/expensive gadgets with this concept first – but now seems to have targeted a new market sector – gamers.

At this stage, KitGuru has no idea if PC World has decided to steal the BLACK concept from AMD – or if it is some kind of joint venture – or a complete accident. You never know, a BLACK EDITION store that has not been sanctioned by AMD could kick off a nasty handbag fight – watch this space.

Searching PC World's web site for AMD graphics - you only get 2 cards. Specialist BLACK gaming stores may well need more.

KitGuru says: It's an interesting move and we'll be up there for any launch to bring you the inside track and plenty of photos. However, one thing is for certain – PC World won't be able to re-train existing staff for the BLACK stores – they simply don't know enough and using ‘regular sales folk' for a specialist store will do untold damage to the project's credibility. We have some ideas. Wonder if they will ask us for help and advice?

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