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100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute

Even if you wanted, there is no way you could sit and watch every video that is uploaded to Youtube. The website has just turned eight years old and they have released some interesting information about their services.

Every minute, 100 hours of video are uploaded to the servers. This works out at 6,000 hours of video every single hour and 144,000 hours of video every day. YouTube have also said they have one billion visitors to the site, per month.

Youtube was founded in February 2005 and first launched in May 2005. Google bought it in October 2006 for a cool $1.65 billion.

Google expect the site to grow even more, due to the popularity of mobile devices. Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that the number could grow to 6 or 7 billion over the coming years if all goes according to plan.

To handle all this data, Google have a very sophisticated DATA center – you can see more about it, over here.

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