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Amazon planning intersecting ‘biospheres’ for Seattle campus

Amazon are taking a leaf out of Apple’s handbook by announcing that they are planning a biodome for their campus headquarters in Seattle.

Documents hit the Seattle Department of Planning and Development showing the new campus headquarters design. They are building the 3.3 million square foot headquarters campus in the Seattle city center. It will be the largest development in the cities history and the domes are part of a revision proposal being made to the Seattle city government.

The domes are a small part of the overall campus design which will be located at the corner of 7th Avenue and Lenora Street. It will cover three square blocks and include three towers. These domes are highly transparent and constructed from multiple layers of glass supported by a metal framework. The company plan on using plants inside the domes that can survive in temperatures and humidities comfortable for people.

Amazon want the environment to be relaxing, and more natural for their employees, helping them to relax and subsequently produce better for the company. There are places inside for socialising and for working alone, or in groups if needed. There will be dining areas and Amazon have said they want to enhance public interaction in the outside areas, with play fields and dog parks.

If the project is approved it will take six years to complete. You can read more on this over here.

Kitguru says: A dramatic design sure to catch the attention of a global audience.

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