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AR Glasses offer professor assistance in lectures

Scientists at Spain’s La Universidad Carlos Ill De Madrid have designed a set of augmented reality glasses that will help professors see which students are struggling with the lecture. Students will not have to lift their hand in front of other members of the course, instead keeping their struggles private.

Students can interact with a custom application on their phone to select one of a handful of symbols. These symbols will highlight above the person, showing the professor if they are understanding the points.

The symbols will help a professor to ascertain immediately if he is discussing the points too quickly, or if he needs to slow down and elaborate so more of the class can understand.

If a student is struggling, then a ‘I don’t understand’ symbol will appear above their head, meaning the professor can take the necessary action. The interactive system also shows how all of the students combined are following the lecture. Useful for larger theaters with many students involved.

Professor Ignacio Aedo, one of the scientists involved in the project said “The hope is that this system will make for more effective lecture classes, because receiving greater feedback, continuously, will allow the professor to adapt the class based on the students’ actual knowledge and understanding, giving extra examples, varying the rhythm or skipping those parts of the lesson that the students indicate that they already know or remember.”

You can read more on this, over here.

Kitguru says: This system, or a tuned version of it, may be useful to help students who aren’t brave enough to speak up during a lecture.

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