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Club3D video cards to target South Africa

Do you live in South Africa? Are you finding it hard to get hold of a quality video card? Club3D may be based in Amsterdam (Netherlands), but they are happy to announce the start of cooperation with Compitum for distribution of Club 3D products in South Africa.

Marcel Van Steijn Of Club 3D said “We are very happy to partner up with Compitum. They are unique in the sense that Compitum is flexible, knowledgeable and dedicated to offer High Quality Components to the South African market. A lot of the values that are common practice for Compitum are also in our Mission Statement, Friendly, flexible, Focused, Fast. That convinced us that we will be able to build a long lasting and successful partnership.”

Christie Lombard of Compitum addedWe are very fortunate and excited to partner up with a very highly respected, well known and high quality brand and company like Club 3D.  Compitum is very proud of the brands that we import and distribute. Our marketing is brand-based and specific, which means a much more personal approach to marketing and customer service is required. Club 3D supports these values and that convinced us that we can have a mutual, long lasting, proud and successful partnership.”

Kitguru says: We would expect to see their full range of AMD HD7xxx series cards available soon in South Africa.

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