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Google buys Wavii for $30 million

Google has bought Wavii, a natural language processing startup, for more than $30 million, according to a Techcrunch source.

Apple and Google were both competing to take over the Seattle based company, however Google have claimed the victory. Apple apparently were interested in the start up company to help augment their Siri division. The 25 person team will now be moving down from Seattle to join Google’s Knowledge Graph division.

Wavii have a semantic search algorithm that will be useful for Google, as it could further enhance the information that Google currently highlight on the sidebar of most of their searches. TechCrunch add that their “disambiguation tech could also widely be applicable across many Google platforms, including Google News and Google Glass.”

Kitguru says: Just before the takeover, Wavii had raised $2 million in seed funding from a handful of companies and individuals.

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