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Google shares break $800 for first time

Shares in Google topped the $800 mark for the first time in history yesterday. Mobile computing has boosted their growth over recent months.

The shares increased by 1.8 percent to $806.85 for the highest closing price since the company went public back in August 2004. Their stock has increased by 33 percent in the past year alone.

The Google logo hits a Nasdaq screen in 2004 when shares hit $100. They are now at over $800.

Google have managed their growth due to a number of factors. More advertisers are working with the company and their Android operating system has experienced huge adoptions in the last year. They also claimed 67 percent of the search market in America in January with rivals Microsoft and Yahoo taking less than 30 percent, combined. That information came from ComScore.

Kitguru says: If you have shares in Google, start rubbing your hands.

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