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Hackers compromise Sega, stealing customer data

We had hoped that the hacking news reports would stop for a while, but Japanese game maker Sega have been attacked and compromised. Hackers have walked away with the personal data of 1.29 million customers.

The Sega Pass website, which is controlled by London based Sega Europe has been breached and the unknown hackers have gained access to personal data of customers. Thankfully the information which has been stolen did not contain any credit card information, according to Sega. Customers are still advised to be aware of upcoming scams via the phone, email or snail mail.

Data such as dates of birth, email addresses and encrypted passwords were stolen, confirming today that the theft happened on Friday.

Both Nintendo and Sega compromised this year

There is a constant raft of hacking and intrusion reports this month, with Nintendo, Sony and other leading entertainment groups announcing that their networks have been breached by various hacking organisations.

Kitguru says: Will 2011 be remembered as the year that many major companies had data stolen? We are only half way through it, and already it seems that way.

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