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Hoverboard project seeking $1 million on Indiegogo

Skateboard fans will be getting excited about the possibility of using a hoverboard in the future. Haltek Industries want to make this a reality by starting funding on Indiegogo. If they raise $1 million then it will go ahead, but it is asking a lot from the crowdfunding platform.

The page says ‘Probably impossible but certainly worth a try'. Not exactly a reassuring first statement to read on the Indiegogo page.

Haltek Industries say that ‘the world needs a hoverboard' and that they are just the company to create it. The $1 million will be the source for the funding, with the company pushing money into research, form factors and power sources. Their goal is to create the hoverboard by Q3 2015.

The $1 million funding will get the project rolling and the company building a real life working hoverboard. All they can guarantee is a website housing their prototype designs and a hoverboard application for mobile platforms.

People who can donate $10,000 to the project will be ‘one of the first in the world to own a real working hoverboard' although the delivery estimate in 2015 could easily slip back. A minature hoverboard will be given to those who donate $1,000. $10 gets you access to the development center on the website.

A hoverboard might seem like a dream of the future, but there are some technologies already created. IBM's lithium air batteries for instance can create energy from sucking in oxygen and in theory they should be powerful enough to power a hoverboard.

The $1 million has to be raised by August 27th in order for the company to continue development. You can find out more about this, over here. At time of publication this morning, they have only raised $536 of the $1,000,000 so they do have some way to go.

Kitguru says: Worth parting with some cash or too risky?

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