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Microsoft investing over $670 million in Iowa data center expansion

Microsoft are investing $670 million US dollars in an expansion of their data center in West Des Moines, Iowa.

The expansion has been code named Project Mountain and it has been awarded tax benefits. 29 new jobs are going to be created according to a statement issued by the Iowa Economic Development Authority this weekend.

Iowa is now a hotspot for data centers as Facebook also own one in the area. Google have had a data center in Council Bluffs, Iowa since 2009 and they announced that they would expand their operations in Iowa, taking their investment to well over $1.1 billion.

PC World add “Iowa has been attempting to attract data centers to key cities in the state. Under the state incentives, Microsoft will be eligible to receive up to $20 million in tax credits, including $15 in a sales and use tax refund paid during construction and a $5 million investment tax credit, for completing the $677.6 million capital investment project in West Des Moines.

The project expansion will house servers, networking equipment and office space needed to operate Microsoft’s cloud services, Greater Des Moines Partnership said in a statement. Necessary infrastructure improvements to the West Des Moines location requiring additional capital investment will support the expansion, such as fiber and roads, it added.”

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