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Next iPad Mini to boast super resolution display

According to the latest rumours, it would appear that Apple are planning to upgrade the iPad Mini to include a higher resolution display. Digitimes has quoted sources in the backlighting industry who claim that the next generation mini tablet will join the modern age of Apple products.

The details are sketchy, there is no indication that the panel will get a ‘Retina' model, but other sources have claimed a HiDPI display would be the logical step for the next iPad Mini.

The rumours say that the iPad Mini will receive a boost in resolution to 2,048 x 1,536 pixels, a higher pixel density for the size compared to the full iPad model. The same sources claim that Apple will be changing the 9.7 inch iPad LED backlighting system, going from dual light bars to one, to cut down weight and to slim the model further.

Kitguru says: Many people were disappointed with the iPad Mini screen, so it makes sense for Apple to increase the resolution and quality in the next revision.

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