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Samsung unveil Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Samsung have unveiled their upcoming Galaxy Gear Smartwatch which can make calls, receive emails and take photographs.

The company showcased the watch at a Samsung Unpacked event in Berlin. Users can speak directly into the watch and receive audio, due to the incorporation of speakers and a microphone.

Pranav Mistry the head of the Think Tank team at Samsung Research America gave a hands on demonstration at a presentation at Berlin IFA. He said it was an exciting time for all the people at Samsung.

He added “We have created something incredible. You don't need to get your phone out anymore. Gear takes the entirety of your digital world and places it right where you can see.”

The device is stainless steel, but lightweight to suit a wide audience of users. He added that the strap was packed with technology ‘of the next decade'.

Samsung will make the watch available in six colours and is comfortable enough to be worn all day. It is turned on with swipe, unlocking features including contacts, apps, email and the camera.

The watch has been designed to accept calls, emails and alerts to be accessed directly on the wrist. Mistry said “You don't need to talk to the air like a bluetooth handset or get your phone out of your pocket.”

The smartwatch will be available in more than 140 countries from September 25th. It appears Apple will be playing catchup at a later date.

Kitguru says: The year of the smartwatch is just around the corner.

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