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Eggs of unknown species found in Alaska

News reached us last week that an orange substance was found in an Alaskan village. Initial reports seemed rather far fetched, with some people claiming the unknown orange material was in fact a form of ‘alien life’.

Fast Forward to today and the Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration lab has claimed that the find is in fact microscopic eggs from a small crustacean.

The mysterious eggs which were initially thought to be 'alien life' by some. They are microscopic crustacean eggs.

As yet, the source of the eggs is unknown, but according to reports, the Alaska village was rocked by the find. The Alaska Fisheries Science Center Auke Bay Laboratories have said that testing of the unknown eggs will help to ascertain if they are in fact, toxic.

In a statement Jeep Rice, lead NOAA scientist said “We now think these are some sort of small crustacean egg or embryo, with a lipid oil droplet in the middle causing the orange color. So this is natural. It is not chemical pollution; it is not a man-made substance.”

The species is still unknown and the toxicity has yet to be determined.

Emanual Hignutt, an analytical chemistry manager for the state Environmental Health Laboratory said “Certain organisms can produce toxins, and you can’t tell if that’s the case (here) until you know what species it is.”

Kitguru says: More information will be released once the scientific analysis is completed.

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