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Largest water body found on Quasar

Astronomers have found the largest water body in the universe. The volume is enough to fill the earth’s oceans by more than 100 trillion times and it was located on a quasar. It was located about 12 billion light years from the earth.

Quasars are extremely luminous and were first identified as being high redshift sources of electromagnetic energy, including radio waves and visible light, that were point-like, similar to stars, rather than extended sources similar to galaxies. More can be read about them over here. The object in space is so dense that the escape velocity exceeds the speed of light.

The volume of water in vapour form is estimated to be 100,000 times the mass of the sun, or 34 billion times the mass of our earth.

Jason Glenn, University of Colorado-Boulder associate professor said “We not only detected water in the farthest reaches of the universe, but enough to fill Earth’s oceans more than 100 trillion times.”

Kitguru says: A good indication of just how infinitesimally small the Earth is.

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