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Lulzsec take down CIA site

Lulzsec, one of the highest profile hacking groups have continued their campaign of site takedowns by breaching the US Central Intelligence Agencies homepage.

Lulzsec announced the attack with a comment on their twitter page which read “Tango down – cia.gov – for the lulz.”. Lulzsec seem to be unstoppable right now taking down many well known company websites, from gaming organisations to government entities.

The hack has caused a little hostility in the hacking community with hacker ‘th3j35t3r' (the jester) – a pro American ‘hacktivist' issuing a warning to Lulzsec

He said:

@lulzsec – re: your last hit. Gloves off. Expect me. My silence is not an indication of weakness, as your mouth is an indication of yours.

Lulzsec seem to be extremely well organised and pretty much unstoppable right now, with no authorities being able to trace the source of their attacks. By hacking the CIA they are issuing a statement, which is saying that no one is off limits in their current campaign.

Lulzsec have also set up phone lines 614-LULZSEC and 732-993-7703, which are getting thousands of calls every day. They are answering some of the calls asking the callers questions for prizes or replying in french accents. The phone calls however are also being put to more devious attacks, causing phone denial of service attacks against some businesses.

Kitguru says: Are Lulzsec unstoppable?

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