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RIM told not to use BBX Trademark at Conference

Research In Motion have been ordered by a federal judge not  to use Basis International Ltd’s “BBX” trademark at an industry conference in Asia that starts later today.

The judge ruled that Research In Motion are not allowed to use the BBX trademark at the high profile DevCon conference in Singapore, held today and tomorrow. Judge William P. Johnson wrote in the ruling that consumers are “likely to be confused by RIM’s use of BBX in connection with RIM’s goods and services.”

The conference is going to be attended by software developers who may also be users of Basis’ BBX software, according to the ruling.

This is just the latest complication for Research In Motion, who have experienced many problems in 2011, including a high profile network failure several months ago which affected a large portion of their customer base.

Kitguru says: Research In Motion have not yet replied to email messages and calls sent by Bloomberg regarding the issue.

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