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Sharp take cautious step back in tablet sector

The Apple machine continues to roll ahead, causing issues for some companies involved in the tablet sector. Sharp are stopping production of the ‘Galapagos' tablet, only 9 months after it was released.

Sharp have said that they will no longer produce the 5.5 inch and 10.8 inch tablets as the market is completely dominated by Apple in Japan.

They are still focusing on the 7 inch model which was launched only last month.

A Sharp spokeswoman said “This is a new and expanding market. Many new products and services have been launched. We believe (the older editions) have fulfilled the purposes that they were designed for.”

She added We believe the market for electronic books will continue to expand. We are continuing our business in the segment with the 7 inch model”.

The Sharp products were well designed, and the 5.5 inch model had a trackball to allow for easy one handed operation on trains and buses. The 10.8 inch version was designed for two page magazine reading, but sales of both have flagged since release late last year. The products were only sold via internet orders.

Kitguru says: Another company struggling to make any impact in the Apple ruled sector.

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