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Apple back in court battle with Samsung today

Apple and Samsung are back in court today as Samsung try to overturn a $1 billion patent penalty forced on them in August this year. While Samsung try to claim the money back, Apple are going for the throat, looking for another half a billion dollars from Samsung, and some of their products banned in America.

Samsung are saying that some of the Apple patents should never have been awarded to the company and the damages verdict was miscalculated.

They are also claiming that the foreman of the jury, Velvin Horgan is biased. He apparently failed to disclose a lawsuit brought against him by his former employer, Seagate, who have a strategic relationship with Samsung.

Apple say that these claims are too late, as the verdict is already ruled upon.

District judge of San Jose Lucy Koh is in charge of the claim and whatever she decides, one company won’t be happy. Samsung are said to be taking the matter further if the ruling doesn’t go in their favour, going above Koh to the Federal Circuit Court Of Appeals, and perhaps even as far as the Supreme Court.

Kitguru says: The Samsung V Apple battle extends to the SIII phone and iPhone 5, with a hearing set for 2014.

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