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Assange extradition ruling this morning

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange will discover later today if he is to be extradited to Sweden for questioning over rape and sexual assault allegations, made by two women.

At 10.30 GMT this morning, Assange will be on trial at the Belmarsh Magistrates Court, with senior district Judge Howard Riddle ruling over the proceedings. Assange has continually denied all allegations against him and claims that the accusations are all ‘politically motivated’.

A very important day for Julian Assange

Assange’s barrister made claims in a hearing on 7th February that Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny has no power to issue the European Arrest Warrant  used to request the extradition. Geoffrey Robertson QC also argued that that extradition can not take place because Assange is wanted only for questioning, rather than prosecution. Many experts have said that they feel the judge however will rule in favour of Assange being extradited back to Sweden.

KitGuru says: As soon as the ruling takes place we will let you know of the results, possible in the next couple of hours.

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