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Facebook changes, will they improve your experience?

There has been a lot of talk around FaceBook this week, after the dramatic changes were announced. With many hundreds of millions of people using the platform every day, will they welcome the changes with open arms?

Mark Zuckerberg, the high profile leader of the company showed the new ‘TimeLines' feature at f8. This basically means that people profiles have changed into personal based Timelines. This is a more visual concept which seems to make sense. Every user page will have a photo called a ‘cover' which can be adjusted to suit. The left side bar on profile pages are now combined into the new Timeline system.

If you scroll down the Timeline, then there are photos, events and other things which can be adjusted in size and even hidden from unwanted eyes, depending on the privacy settings used. The Timeline uses code to sort the content and it can be adjusted and changed at any time. Older content is moved into a lower position.

Just another day at the office: Mark Zuckerberg

Open Graph has been heralded as a ‘frictionless experience', meaning you can view what is popular among friends and people you know on FaceBook. This is the next stage in viewing what all your friends are doing, and finding patterns in it.

Facebook are also keen to promote their Social Gaming side of the business. FaceBook Social Games will be a good place for people to relax within when they get some free time. The Open Graph platform will allow for a new style of game interaction for users. An activity ticker will show people what is happening. A window popup will even let you watch the game as it happens.

LifeStyle Applications will let a user share information about their activities, from watching the TV to cooking, and even exercise routines. FaceBook are taking this seriously and have partnered with many well known companies such as Nike. Basically people can interact with other services normally associated with content outside Facebook. This means more time spent within Facebook and more money for the company.

News Media are one of the higher profile organisations and they are going to be supplying content to FaceBook. This means FaceBook will have a complete news system in place, again allowing people to browse up to date news without ever having to leave the site. FaceBook applications will be made, featuring news based content and even videos.

Kitguru says: All good additions and something you look forward to using on a regular basis?

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