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Iran unlock access to Gmail

Iran have unblocked access to GMAIL, however a government Internet filtering committee official has said that more censorship is being prepared against Youtube.

Users in Iran has their access to GMAIL restored since it was initially blocked on September 24th. The secure protocol HTTPS version of Google search has also been made accessible after it was blocked around the same time.

Last week a message was posted by Abdolsamad Khoramabadi, the secretary of an official group which is tasked with internet content which is classed as illegal. It read “Google and Gmail will be filtered nationwide… until further notice.”

Other sources have said that the GMAIL block was ‘involuntary' due to a reinforcement of censorship in YouTube, owned by Google.

Mohammad Reza Miri, a member of the telecommunications ministry committee said “Unfortunately, we do not yet have enough technical knowhow to differentiate between these two services. We wanted to block YouTube and Gmail was also blocked, which was involuntary.

We absolutely do not want YouTube to be accessible. That is why the telecommunications ministry is seeking a solution to fix the problem to block YouTube under the HTTPS protocol while leaving Gmail accessible. That will soon happen.”

Kitguru says: Iran have around 34 million internet users and the restrictions on Google and Gmail have impacted a lot of people.

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