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MC Hammer to create better search engine than Google

In one of the more bizarre stories this week, MC Hammer, the famous rapper with the baggy trousers is developing his own search engine. He has commented, claiming that it will be better than Google, or Bing.

The rapper has announced the platform, called ‘WireDoo' which has been 24 months in the planning and development stage. He made an appearance at the Web 2.0 summit this week.

This search engine has apparently ‘deep search' functionality which will deliver direct answers to a search and information on related topics.

'U can't touch this' Google. WireDoo - the new upcoming search engine from MCHammer

Hammer said “The engine crawls and the algorithm is designed in a way to get all of the related information to your query and then package it consistently in one environment, Kind of thinking, right? The way you would think. If it's a car … it's not just about the word ‘car,' but it's about insurance, it's about the specs, it's about mileage, it's about style, it's about all these things. So that's the way it works.”

WireDoo is not yet in full release state, but you can sign up if you are interested to test it out. Check this link out.

Kitguru says: This is not a joke, its for real. Fo Shizzle.

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