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Nikon to release smartphone?

The compact camera market is struggling thanks to the ever increasing quality of smartphone cameras. Nikon President Makoto Kimura told Bloomberg his company is aware of the trend and wants to create a series of new products aimed at the bigger market. He hinted that they may consider releasing a ‘non camera consumer product.'

Demand is still improving for high end interchangeable lens cameras but Kimura said that the Nikon imaging division and a new business team are developing products which it hopes will ‘change the concept of cameras'. Some analysts are thinking that Nikon may even be developing a smartphone.

Gizmag tried to contact Nikon for more details and got the following response “Mr Kimura’s comments to Bloomberg were meant to convey his beliefs that, as the smart device market has been growing, more people are getting used to taking pictures and movies. His point was that Nikon must consider changes happening in the market and keep proposing attractive products.Mr Kimura’s comment to Bloomberg that he didn’t decline any possibilities for the future were not a promise of a particular unannounced product which Nikon will never comment on.”

Kitguru says: Nothing has been confirmed, but it is clear that Nikon are planning an expansion, to help generate more revenue. We will keep you posted as more news filters out.

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